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Terms & Conditions


Its the responsibility of the person who hires the bouncy castle to make sure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury or damage to the inflatable.

Please ensure that the following safety instruction are adhered to:


-NO food, drink or chewing gum is allowed on the bouncy castle.

-shoes to be removed but keep socks on.

-sharp objects are to be removed before using the bouncy castle.

-NO party poppers, confetti, streamers, silly string or face paints allowed on or near the bouncy castle. (a cleaning charge will apply if any of the listed are on the castle at time of collection)

-NO smoking or BBQ within 15m of the bouncy castle.

-NO climbing or sitting on the walls is dangerous.

-the castle must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. (a responsible adult is a person over the age of 18 years)

-ensure the bouncy castle is not over crowded. (each inflatable has the numbers of users printed on the front step)

-do not allow bouncing on the front step.

-DO NOT use the castle if you have a history of back or neck pain.

-NO pets to be on the bouncy castle.

-NO filps or somersaults.

-in the event of rain do not use the bouncy castle but leave it switched on. after the rain has stopped the castle can be dried with a towel and used again.

-if the blower stops working get all users off quickly and call use to not try to fix it yourself.

-any damaged caused to the bouncy castle while on hire with you you will be charged for the repair/replacement of the equipment.



We bring the castle and safely set it up using the correct stakes and correct safety procedures. any tampering with the castle by the hirer is PROHIBITED and will make the insurance invalid, you should ring us straight away if you have any concerns.

please note: It is the hirers responsibility to check the space required for the bouncy castle you have chosen all sizes are in the description of the castle. Indoors we will need to know the ceiling height to make sure the castle will fit.

On delivery if the inflatable will not fit the hirer will still be charged the total outstanding price of the hire. We can not be held responsible if the inflatable will not fit.



Safety is our main priority at all times. We will cancel a outdoor hire if we feel health and safety guild lines are being breached. All our staff are trained in the safe use of inflatables and what they say is final.

The weather plays a large factor in outdoor hires and from time to time we will need to cancel a booking on the day this will be due to high winds or extreme rain fall.

Wind of gusts of over 24mph or 38km/h is the max and as a result castles would not be set up.

If rain is forecast all day then we will cancel the caste they cant be used in the rain as stated above.


When booking our equipment you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions above and you will also be asked to sign a copy on the day of delivery of the bouncy castle.